Your Host for Songwriters Sound-Off @ HOB Chicago: Thomas Pace

In each of the past two years, Thomas Pace has managed to release a CD that has received extraordinary acclaim from both critics and from the public. This year, Pace is set on making it three in a row with the release of his latest effort “Electrocaine.”

In 2003, Pace established himself as one of Chicago’s premier songwriters when he released his solo debut “Walking Distance,” widely considered one of the best debuts of the year. Energized by its success, Pace immediately returned to the studio to begin working on the follow-up.

The following year however, with the conscience of the nation dominated by the presidential election, Pace interrupted his work on the follow-up CD to record and support a politically charged EP. The four-song “If You Want to be Heard, Speak Up!” garnished critical acclaim nation-wide, and through it, Pace gained recognition as a powerful voice for truth.

With the release of “Electrocaine,” Pace proves to be still gaining momentum. This twelve-song endeavor into the hearts, minds, and homes of Middle-America refuses to spare the listener from the hard truths of who we are and where we come from.

“This record was written about the people we are and the lives we lead when the door is closed and the blinds are shut,” says Pace when asked to describe his new music. “It’s about hurt and healing, and the difficulties of self-discovery that everyone goes through in their own lives.”

As with his previous releases, Pace has enlisted the service of some of the Mid-West’s top musicians to complete his vision. Bo Ramsey (Lucinda Williams), Joe Daniels (Local H), Rob Ruccia (From Zero) Brian Wilke (The Hoyle Brothers), Kinan Abou-afache (Guitarras de Espana), Greg Nergaard, Chris Neville, and Bill Denny have all made significant contributions to create the unique, yet familiar sound that has become Pace’s signature.

For more information, booking, or CD sales, contact info@thomaspace.